Aling Delia is a loving housewife and a budding entrepreneur rolled into one. She attends to her husband and children’s daily needs. Also, she has a small business of buying and selling tobacco.

She buys dried tobacco leaves from Benito Soliven and rolls it ready for selling. She buys the tobacco for P100 pesos per bundle and sells it for P130 pesos per bundle too.

Since her family is in Set 1 of Pantawid, they will graduate this year. Aling Delia is sad of the fact that their receiving of cash grant will soon end. She has second thoughts whether they can already manage to survive on their own or not.

But come what may, Aling Delia and her family will defy the odds just to uplift their condition.

The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, Aling Delia said, taught them to be more responsible parents and citizens. They also use the money to buy for medicines and school materials. Aling Delia even bragged that the contributions of her children to school were already taken care of.

But greater than the transformation of their behavior, the Pantawid Pamilya has also equipped them with knowledge and an empowered spirit which serve as their armor against life’s tribulations.

Aling Delia is very active in their community, Barangay San Pablo, San Mariano, Isabela.


Just like any other parent leader, Aling Delia has many responsibilities like spearheading the conduct of meetings, monitoring of the use of cash grant and those who might use if for gambling and advising parents on how to treat their children.

Aling Delia is very popular in their place; she is called as “Ate Delia” and proves to be a very effective parent leader adored by her members.

She is also the President of the SALBABIDA SKA (Self Employment Assistance Kaunlaran Association).

Last June 2011, Aling Delia’s Salbabida SKA received an amount on P75, 000 pesos from DSWD Field Office II to put up a small business in their barangay. The Salbabida has income generating ventures like a mini-grocery, selling of “balot” and “penoy”, and the making of “baki” which is made up of bamboo where chickens can lay their eggs.

When asked why Salbabida is the name of their SKA? Aling Delia said, “Diba kasi ma’am pag nalulunod ka, salbabida ang sasagip sayo? Kaya yun ang pinili kong pangalan namin. Kasi ito ang sasagip sa amin sa kahirapan.”


Aling Delia’s betterhalf,  Mang Ricky , 47 works as a Tricycle Driver and at the same time, a Palay Farmer. He also spends most of her free time as a Barangay Tanod. He makes sure that barangay San Pablo is peaceful. Together with his colleagues, they often stay at waiting sheds to watch out for those who might cause trouble.

Just like his wife, Man Ricky is also active in community organizations. He is the president of the Parents and Teachers Community Association (PTCA) of San Pablo Elementary School. He spearheads the formulation of plans that can contribute in the improvement of the school and its students. They also conduct monthly general cleaning of the school.


Aling Delia and Mang Ricky are blessed with three smart children. They are Carol, 15, in 3rd year highschool and wants to be a Flight Attendant; Derick, 12, 1st year highschool, Seaman; and Jenny, 8, Grade 3, Teacher.

The three are honor students and are active in extra-curricular activities. They are members of their school’s drum and lyre corps.

The Abella children are very ambitious, but are very much motivated. They know that they have to toil hard if they want to be successful. And sure they can, with the love                 and support of their parents; nothing can hinder them from grasping success.


Knowing the fact that they are about to graduate from the program at the end of the year, Aling Delia and Mang Ricky are saving up for their children’s future. They really wanted that Carol will become a Flight Attendant, Derick as a Seaman and Jenny as a Teacher.

They also make extra income through their vegetable garden which has a vast array of trees, vegetables and plants. Name it, they have it: gabi, munggo, sitaw, bitwelas, santol, saging, kamoteng kahoy, suha, malunggay, papaya and mangga.

Little by little, the Abella family is reaping what they have sown. With Aling Delia and Mang Ricky’s hard work and their children’s impressive intellectual perspicacity, the Abellas are halfway there. ###By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Pantawid Information Officer