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Training for Parent Leaders as Advocates Commences

Parent Leaders of Isabela Province showcased their communication skills and knowledge about the program in a mock TV interview.

IN PHOTO: Parent Leaders of Isabela Province showcased their communication skills and knowledge about the program in a mock TV interview.

“Ang mga boses ninyo bilang mga benepisyaryo ay napakahalaga sa implementasyon ng programa, dapat yang kilalanin at marinig,” stressed Assistant Regional Director and Pantawid Pamilya Deputy Project Manager Ponciana P. Condoy during the Skills Enhancement Training of Parent Leaders as Program Advocates which was conducted in two batches this month.

Forty-two Parent Leaders (PLs) from the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela attended the first batch of training held at Hotel Ivory, Tuguegarao City on September 10-13, 2013 and another 42 PLs from the provinces of Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya for the second set held at Highlander Hotel, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya on September 17-20, 2013.

The four-day training was filled with modules and exercises about Leadership, Building the Core and Effective Communication. These topics will equip the PLs with necessary skills to further perform their duties and responsibilities as leaders and to be partners of DSWD in advocating the program in their respective municipalities and cities.

Ms. Maricel Grace L. Gomez, the Pantawid Regional Program Coordinator also graced the activity and emphasized that their roles as PLs play a crucial role in the implementation of Pantawid Pamilya.

Some of the duties of the PLs include spearheading the conduct of monthly meeting with members and relaying of announcements and updates about the program.

Also, the PLs are given tips on how to be co-promoters of Pantawid Pamilya to showcase the program’s impacts not just in the lives of the beneficiaries but in the community as well, and to further intensify support from the legislators and other stakeholders.

DSWD FO2 Information Officers Angely L. Mercado and Maricel B. Asejo discussed about Effective Advocacy and Dealing with Media.

There were also mock radio and TV interviews wherein the leader beneficiaries displayed their communication skills and their deep knowledge about Pantawid Pamilya.


In one of the mock radio interviews wherein the topic revolved on the issue that Pantawid Pamilya encourages indolence, the PLs strongly negated the allegation.

Mrs. Julieta B. Ramalloza, a beneficiary and a PL from Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya said that the program boosted their motivation and determination in achieving a more sustainable well being.

“Ang nakukuha po naming sa programa ay P1, 400 lang kada buwan, na pandagdag po. Kaya nga po Pantawid eh, kasi tinutulungan kaming maitawid ang mga pangangailangan ng mga bata, sa mga gamot at gamit sa paaralan,” said Mrs. Ramalloza.

The beneficiaries also expressed their gratitude to the DSWD and to the government for implementing programs that cater to the welfare of the vulnerable and poor Filipino Families.

The training was spearheaded by Ms. Jesusa Joy Cabasag and Ms. Melanie Tumaliuan, Training Specialists.

Pantawid Pamilya is currently implemented in the 4 cities and 83 municipalities in the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya. As of now, there is a total of 94, 315 household beneficiaries in the region. ###By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Pantawid Information Officer II

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FEATURE: Look Into The Eyes

We have our own fears; we have our own weaknesses as well. Some would try to overcome this certain kind of weaknesses, these filibustering fears for our enhancement. Some would not face it at all because they have been afraid at the first place. What would be the reason why we have this certain kind of fears? Does it affect our daily living? Does it hinder our opportunities to become a better individual?

 “Actually, it definitely hinders me from being an active constituent of our community” – manang JOCELYN’s first statement.

 “I do not have the enough courage, the sufficient strength and the adequate confidence to be in every community’s activity and I am so afraid to be in front of huge number of people maybe because I do not have the proper education just like the other people have. I just have learned to write my name because of the help of my sons and daughters who were able to have a formal education unlike me and my husband that our parents do not have the capacity to send us in schools when we were young.

 Maybe, that is the reason why I am so afraid to be in front of a group of people and because I get so intimidated to them that they can express their thoughts, their knowledge” – manang JOCELYN added.

 My name is JOCELYN ALLAGA, I am not a Pantawid Beneficiary, I am the substitution of JING JING BAY-ONG, my daughter: I represented my daughter during their previous Family Development Session because she is sick and under her convalescence stage. My daughter just instructed me to be at the said activity and to listen very well – it means I just have to sit. –manang JOCELYN narrated.

Suddenly, the Municipal Link assigned me as the speaker or representative to present the output of the group through the assistance of the Parent Leader of Barangay Pinya. I was so terrified, I don’t know what to do, what to say even, I was so afraid that then, what if they will laugh at me because I do not have a good communication skill, interpersonal relationship as well?

 Most of the time, people are afraid to accept such responsibility; to be part of a certain activity because they do not have to courage to face their own fears, their own weaknesses because at the first place they have been defeated by their own insecurities, their own notions that nobody will accept them because of their situation and of their status in life.

 But, in this program: Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program – they understand the insufficiency of others, the

imperfections of their beneficiaries, they have the passionate heart to provide a helping hand to those people who are in need: do their best to empower every individual, to modify their level of well – being. – manang JOCELYN said.

 Manang JOCELYN have witnessed how this program is committed to serve the less fortunate, she felt how they empower these less fortunate family. “I’ve tried to do the task even I was so terrified, I presented my ideas even I am so intimidated because opportunity knocked me to show my ideas, to unveil my thoughts even my knees were shaking that time” – manang JOCELYN added.

 A million thanks to Department of Social Welfare and Development for providing a program that is not only to provide money to respond to the immediate needs of the family but to develop their knowledge, empower themselves and build a self confidence to stand on their own beliefs, values, ideas that the program have thought to their beneficiaries.

 Even if I am not a Pantawid beneficiary; I just attended the said activity carrying with me my grandson and travelled almost 4 kilometers to their venue – I can say that it is such a wonderful experience to be part of an activity of this scrupulous program, and serves an eye opener, that even if I am a person without a formal education I was able to learn and express my thoughts, my ideas, through their worthwhile activities. – Manang JOCELYN’s last statement.###By MAC PAUL V. ALARIAO, Municipal Link of Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya

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FEATURE: In Their Own Eden

In photo: Maintaining a positive outlook in life makes life's challenges easier for Mang Eddie and Aling Erlinda.

In photo: Maintaining a positive outlook in life makes life’s challenges easier for Mang Eddie and Aling Erlinda.

One positive thought in the morning can change how a whole day unfolds.

Yes, life offers lots of tribulations that can make anyone kneel on their feet, but if one person can still manage to smile amidst the hardship, then his spirit will not be easily swayed no matter how strong the wind is. Through it all, the Pariñas Family stands still. And they stand strong.

The Pariñas family, headed by Eddie and Merlinda, is one of the 2,024 beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in Diffun, Quirino. They may not have enough riches, but with their four children, they have all the happiness in the world.

Brood of Young Achievers

When you enter at the Pariñas’ house, a wall which frames all the certificates of the children’s participations to various activities and competitions are displayed. What adds glimmer to the wall of frames are the medals that flaunt the bright minds of the siblings.

Their eldest, Edleen Joy, a 4th year high school student, is doing well in class as she aspires to be a Teacher. She is also a member of the Drum and Lyre Corps and Drama Club of her school. Above all, she is skilled in taking good pictures and writing witty captions as the Photojournalist of their publication.

Next is the 10-year old Justine Edison who wants to wear the badge of service, honor and justice as a Policeman. He is also a consistent honor student and excels most in Science subject.

Dressed in white suit, that’s how Cristina Kate, in Grade II, sees herself in the future. Though she’s just a little girl, she has high hopes of becoming a Doctor. During her Grade I, she bested her classmates as she emerged as the 1st honor, and she continues to gain grades of flying colors. Aside from that, the little Cristina also wowed many people for her body-shaking and foot-stamping grooves as she was hailed as last year’s “Dancer of the Year.”

The other kiddo who gives pride to the Pariñas clan is the five-year old Marian, who is in Kindergarten. She may only be five, but she already began to reap recognition that truly make her mama and papa proud.

“Life is like a mirror, it becomes more beautiful when you smile at it.”

Cliché as it may sound, but this is what Aling Merlinda believes in. “Mahirap ka na nga, tapos malulungkot ka pa, eh di mas bibigat ang buhay mo. Pero kung nagagawa mong maging masaya sa gitna ng mga problema, kahit papano ang mga pasanin ay nagiging magaan,” she said. True to her words, Aling Merlinda maintains optimism in her everyday life.

Because of her positive attitude towards life, many blessings knocked at the doorsteps of the Pariñas’ residence.

Aling Merlinda is employed as a Secretary in their Parish Church. This made her more hopeful that someday they will have a better life. She also has several engagements in the community.

When the conduct of census comes, she takes part as a barangay population worker. Currently, she is the Business Manager of the Parents-Teachers-Community Association (PTCA) of Diffun West Central School.

Interacting with different people is never difficult for her since she used to be a Parent Leader for the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. But when her stint ended, she passed the title to other fellow beneficiary.

“Malaking tulong yung pagiging Parent Leader ko nuon, kasi napraktis yung pakikipag-usap at pakikihalubilo ko sa mga tao, na magkakaiba ang ugali at pananaw sa buhay,” shared Aling Merlinda.

When she was a Parent Leader, she relays announcements like the schedule of Family Development Session and updates to her fellow beneficiaries. But her greatest legacy to her members is to be positive despite financial shortcomings, despite life’s other challenges. Needless to say, Aling Merlinda surely inspired other Pantawid Pamiya beneficiaries to have an optimistic outlook in life.

She may no longer be a Parent Leader, but Aling Merlinda continues to be a loving wife to Mang Eddie, who works as a Jeep Driver. Hand in hand, they both work for their children.

The couple said that they now have bigger savings for their family’s future since the cash grants they receive help in financing the school expenses of their children. “Yung cash grant kasi na natatanggap namin, talagang nakalaan para sa pag-aaral ng mga bata. Tapos sa gamot din. Napakalaking tulong ng programa sa tulad namin, kasi ngayon kahit papaano may naitatabi na kami mula sa konting kita naming mag-asawa,” said Aling Merlinda.

A Happy Family

The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program is a poverty alleviation program of the national government that invests in the health and education of poor Filipino children aged 0-14 years old. The programs provide cash grants to the family beneficiaries in exchange of compliance to certain health and education conditionalities.

But greater that the augmentation support that Pantawid Pamilya gives, is the transformation of behavior among the family members, the parents and the children. Positive outlook amidst struggles and hope for a brighter future, through the program, these values were inculcated in the minds and in the hearts of the Pariñas family.

They may not have it all together, but as long as they are together, they have it all. The Pariñas family has their own place of paradise. And no wealth in the world could ever top that. ###By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Pantawid Information Officer II

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FEATURE: A Woman’s Worth

"Dahil sa Pantawid Pamilya, nadagdagan ang kumpiyansa sa sarili ko," says Aling Glomeline.

IN PHOTO: “Dahil sa Pantawid Pamilya, nadagdagan ang kumpiyansa sa sarili ko,” says Aling Glomeline.

“Matagal akong naitali sa paniniwalang ang babae dapat nasa loob lang ng bahay, pero simula ng naging Parent Leader na ako para sa Pantawid Pamilya, nalaman ko na mas marami pa pala akong pwedeng magawa at magampanan, hindi lang para sa ikauunlad ng aking sarili, kundi lalo na ng aking pamilya,” said Aling Glomeline.

Clad in her simple black shirt and jeans, Aling Glomeline was very proud sharing how her life changed when she became a Parent Leader. She used to be a meek person who prefers to stay at their home and just focus on her duties as a mother and a housewife. But things started to change.

Glomeline Taguinod and her family hail from Brgy. Dadda, Tuguegarao City. They are one of the family beneficiaries for the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. At first, she confessed that she was reluctant to be a Parent Leader, but because of the encouragement of her fellow beneficiaries and of the Municipal Link, she wholeheartedly embraced the responsibility.


“Bilang isang Parent Leader, napaunlad ko ang aking pakikipagkapwa-tao,” the humble leader said. Her communication skills were enhanced since she interacts with different people. She also takes charge in relaying information to her members about the schedule of Family Development Sessions and updates and announcements about the program.

As a Parent Leader, Aling Glomeline somehow feels a sense of pride being able to lead a group of people. “Masaya ako, kasi kahit ganito lang ako, kahit papano kaya ko rin palang maging lider. Masarap yung pakiramdam na may mga taong nakikinig sa iyo, at kinikilala ka nilang pinuno kahit papano,” she said.

Aling Glomeline also has active involvement in the community as the Parents-Teachers-Community Association (PTCA) Business Manager of her children’s school.


Aling Glomeline is happily married to Ace, who works as a Farmer. Despite of financial constraints, they toil hard in order to provide for their family’s needs. Aling Glomeline also has sideline jobs as a Tutor and as a Manicurist. She looks after the children of her well-off neighbor and also teaches them the basics of Fiipino and Science subjects. During her spare time, she goes home to home to give service of grooming and polishing fingernails.

Aside from being a devoted wife, she is also a caring mother to her three children: Gianmark, 5 years old; Glorycarl, 7 years old and Glorypher, 9 years old, who are studying at Tagga-Dadda Elementary School.

What gives more delight to Aling Glomeline is that all of her children are gifted with remarkable intellectual perspicacity.

The three Taguinod kiddos are consistent honor students and are also active in extra-curricular activities.

“Salat man kami sa pera, may maipagmamalaki naman akong mga gintong medalya ng aking mga anak. Ito ang kayamanan naming mag-asawa,” she gushed. “Kaya mas nagpupursigi kami sa pagkayod para makatapos sila ng pag-aaral, lalo at ang tatayog pa man din ng mga pangarap nila,” Aling Glomeline continued.


When asked what are the impacts of Pantawid Pamilya in her life, Aling Glomeline paused for a while. Then her lips began to move, and with eyes that shine with overwhelming gratitude, she speaks these words: “Sobrang laki ang naitutulong ng Pantawid sa’king pamilya. Siyempre, andiyan na yung tulong para sa mga gastusin sa gamot at pag-aaral ng bata, pero higit pa dun ay yung dahil sa program, nagkaroon ako ng kumpiyansa sa sarili ko.”

She also added that her children became more enthusiastic in coming to school because they know that their attendance rate can affect the amount of cash grants they will receive. “Dahil din sa Pantawid, mas lumiwanag ang bukas para sa’king mga anak dahil nabigyan sila ng pag-asa na balang-araw gaganda rin ang aming buhay,” she ended.

Aling Glomeline is just one of the many proofs, that amidst in this society which is once blinded by the belief that the females are the weaker species, women can stand tall and proud and earn the respect of everyone, and give some men a run for their money.###By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Pantawid Pamilya Information Officer

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FROM THE DESK OF A LOCAL CHIEF EXECUTIVE: A Thankful Mayor for Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (Testimony of Mayor Dean Anthony G. Domalanta, Municipal Mayor of San Mariano, Isabela)

As a recipient of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, we consider our municipality lucky and blessed because of the impact and transformation brought not only to the lives of our family beneficiaries, but to our municipality as a whole. The program paves the way in strengthening the partnership and cooperation of our constituents and the government for the effective delivery of services particularly on health and education.

Our people are now aware of their duties and responsibilities as citizens and parents. Some of our great traits as Filipinos were revived such as “Bayanihan”, as manifested in the active participation and visibility of our family beneficiaries not only within their community, but as well in the schools and other institutions of the government for them to ensure their compliance to the conditions of the program.

Through the trainings and seminars conducted for the Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries, some of them are now taking their first step to have an alternative livelihood to alleviate their living condition. In a way, they have earned to value their money. They learned how to withdraw money from the ATM for the first time in their lives without any assistance from anyone. They even know how to count their money in just a simple arithmetic. Furthermore, it is an amazing experience for them to use the ATM card as shown in their faces.

Because of the monthly Family Development Sessions or FDS, the self-esteem and confidence of the beneficiaries were developed. They have learned how to express themselves during gatherings and meetings set by the government and stakeholders. In fact, some of them became leaders and active partners.

Based on records of the Rural Health Unit of this Municipality, awareness on the Maternal and Child Care Program has been greatly improving since the implementation of the program, thereby reducing the number of maternal and infant mortality in the locality, as well the number of malnourished children, unlike before that some of them were reluctant to avail our health services.

Consequently, they became the models and inspirations to their fellow constituents particularly to those non-recipients of the program, who are still hoping to be a beneficiaries also of the Pantawid Pamilya.

Illegal gambling in the community is controlled because of the program’s strict regulations and policies that Pantawid beneficiaries should not be involved in any illegal activities.

The Pantawid Pamilya is also a big help in boosting our local economy because there is additional money circulating in the community while waiting for the cropping season.

The program is a very effective tool in catching the heart and the minds of needy constituents to enhance their social being and for those who concerned agencies to touch their lives in order to make a difference in their daily living particularly in the implementation of various programs in the alleviation of poverty.

Indeed, it is life changing program that brings joy, hope and inspiration to the grassroots and for the government to let them feel their importance through the minimal financial assistance extended for every beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilya with the given conditions.

It is my fervent prayer therefore, that this program of the government will be extended until such time that every family beneficiary could already soar high like the baby eagle where the government is compared to the mother eagle who is trying its best and efforts for the baby eagle to be developed so that it can spread its wings to fly independently.

More power and God speed!

*Written by Mayor Dean Anthony G. Domalanta, at the Municipal Hall of San Mariano, Isabela on August 20, 2013

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“Nag-umpisa po ako sa maliit na puhunan, sa patingi tinging pagbebenta hanggang sa unti unti ko pong napatayo itong pinangarap kong tindahan.”


This is how Amerissa Puyat, a mother of three children, married to Michael Puyat started to share her life-changing story. Her family is currently residing at barangay Sinnamar Norte, San Mateo, Isabela. She is an active parent leader of Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program under Set 5.

Way back 2003, during her pregnancy on her third child; the drive to take a leap for a better life came to pass as she decided to venture into a small business. During that time, her husband’s income as a bus driver of Astro Liner is not enough to suffice their daily needs, she pondered on ways to cope with their current situation and meet the necessities of her pregnancy.

With a starting capital of P 3,000.00 borrowed from the employer of her husband as an advance salary, she started a sari-sari store comprising of basic items such as sugar, lard, salt, condiments and the like. As she is determined to expand her sari-sari store, she set aside a portion of her income as her savings for capital build-up. After 2 years of fortitude and positive attitude towards life, she was able to raise additional capital for her sari-sari store.

Life is not always a bed of feathers as it was on 2006 that her husband lost his job. This unexpected event almost shook her faith. Instead of dwelling on the negative side of life, she opted to make the best out of the worst and strived harder to improve her means of living. After a challenging year, fortunately her husband was able to land a job as a bus driver in the same company.

Through the years, as a fruit of her labor, she was able to improve their house, acquire some basic household appliances such as small television and a refrigerator for her sari-sari store, put up a loading station and ventured on rice retailing.

When she became member of SEA-K, the Sustainable Livelihood Program of the DSWD equipped her with new strategies. Through the social preparation and capacity building activities that she undertook, she was able to grasp further knowledge and skills in sustaining and improving her current business. Most of all, she felt empowered as she and her group will about to venture on vegetable production.

Aling Amerissa dreams that someday her small store of hope will transform into an enterprise of success. She knows that it is a long way to go and that trials and hindrances may come along her way but with great determination and a strong will, she knows that she can make it happen soon. ### By: MELISEN A. TAQUIQUI, PDO II, San Mateo, Isabela

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“To smile is a natural habit, it is either simple or inspirational, but one thing is sure it saves the world from hatred and tears.”

This famous adage perfectly describes who Edna Donato is when I first met her during my arrival in Palanan, Isabela.

Ate Edna, 42 years old and a resident of Dimaliculicu, Palanan, Isabela is one of the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program (4Ps) beneficiaries.

Before the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) was being implemented in the area, Ate Edna and her family relied on farming which undeniably insufficient to meet the needs of their family. She had two (2) high school students and a college student. She works in their house and does chores while his husband worked under the striking heat of the sun to have some money to earn. She indeed spent the rest of her days and nights thinking on how she can have enough money to spend for her family.

When she heard that SLP of the Department of Social Welfare and Development is offering livelihood, she almost felt like she have worn out all the thorns that have been troubling her for many years. Ambitiously as it may seem, but she told me then that one of her wish is that someday, their product (sabutan) would be known in the main land.

Indeed her ambition came to reality when one day her sabutan bag was recognized by Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP). CCAP is an association that promotes cultural heritage of Filipinos through the development of craft industry. They currently export innovative products made out of indigenous materials in the United States of America, Asian and European countries. And when CCAP hosted a trade fare on June 2013, her sabutan bags were one of those products sold during the said fare.

Success indeed comes to people who believe. Edna’s story is a testament that the world offers a lot of things. It is on how we deal on it that carries and brings us to the door of success. ### By: JUNETT C. ADDURU, PDO II, 1st District of Isabela

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A Family’s Road to Success

In photo: Thanks DSWD! The family of Ritchelle poses happily saying DSWD programs had improved their quality of life.


“Good people obtain pure joy not because they do great things but because they do small acts of kindness with great love and with a caring heart.”

Ritchelle Soriano is one of the beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) and a parent leader from Brgy. Casambalangan, Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Her husband was also chosen to be employed at the “Trabahong Lansangan Program” of DSWD and DPWH since October 16, 2011 to present.

It was on February 04, 2012 that Ritchelle engaged in Self-Employment Assistance Kaunlaran (SEA-K), one of the strategies under the Sustainable Livelihood Program of DSWD which helps to improve the socio-economic status of the Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries. With the capital seed fund or money she received from SEA-K, she began cooking for “kakanin” and sells it in their barangay.

Hand in hand, the couple worked hard until they had enough income to buy their own motorcycle to be used for their transportation to work, for their children going to school and for her to deliver the “kakanin” to the buyers.

Ritchelle now does not only cooked “kakanin” but she also produce and sells “bagoong” and dried fish which she learned from the conduct of Basic Business Management Training conducted by the Project Development Officer (PDO), Mr. Jerome Versoza.

With them earning a good standing in the community, Ritchelle’s family was hailed as the “Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya for 2012” during the Search for Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya spearheaded by DSWD Field Office 02 last year. Ritchelle’s family was awarded certificate of recognition, a check amounting to Eight Thousand Pesos (P8, 000.00) and overnight accommodation with the whole family in a hotel in Tuguegarao City.

Fortunate enough, the family of Ritchelle was given more chances in life to go on and face the struggles and problems of life. “Nagpapasalamat po kami sa DSWD sa kanilang Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program at Sustainable Livelihood at tinulungan kaming tumawid tungo sa kaunlaran”, Ritchelle proudly said. ### By: MARK JEROME M. VERZOSA, PDO II, 1st District of Cagayan

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CSO Accreditation Notice


The public, whether an individual, group or organization is invited to submit to DSWD any derogatory report or information on the CSOs who are applying for accreditation to implement programs/projects using government public funds. Check the list of CSOs here...