This is acknowledge receipt of the following application documents on the dates specified below subject to review and assessment by the Human Resource Planning and Performance Management Section (HRPPMS)

We will keep you posted for the schedules of the Written Examination and Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) Interview.

Applicants who did not indicate their desired position are requested to visit DSWD HRMD Office.

  • MARCH 21-22; 25-28, 2019
  • MARCH 12, 15, 18-20, 2019
    Abegail V. Guzman Enumerator
    Alec John B. Almazan Validator
    Alexis Lei C. Quintero Social Welfare Assistant
    Amirose G. Baggas Social Welfare Aide
    Amy M. Adriano
    Angelita V. Villamin Project Development Officer II (Contractual)
    Aprille Jennika Joice J. Argonza Encoder
    Arian Mae T. Namingit Social Welfare Officer II
    Az P. Arao Social Welfare Assistant
    Bernard M. Pagulayan Encoder
    Berwejane D. Semania Social Welfare Assistant
    Beverly A. Cauilan Administrative Assistant III-Municipal Roving Bookkeeper
    Camille Tio Social Welfare Assistant/Administrative Assistant III-Municipal Roving Bookkeeper
    Celeste F. Birung Project Development Officer I
    Christian Mark C. Tomas Encoder
    Cristine A. Tumalip Project Development Officer II
    Cynthia R. Cabalbag-Ventura Project Development Officer I
    Danilo G. Pattugalan Aministrative Assistant I
    Emalyn C. Tejada Social Welfare Assistant/Social Welfare Aide
    Erlinda S. Gamboa Administrative Assistant III-Municipal Roving Bookkeeper
    Ernalyn E. Agbayani Validator
    Florante C. Romio, Jr. Aministrative Assistant
    Franco G. Lopez Social Welfare Officer V
    Frances DC. Corpuz Validator
    Genevieve T. Andres Encoder
    Herbie A. Iris Social Welfare Assistant
    Irene R. Navarro Social Welfare Assistant
    Jake T. Palattao Validator
    Janice Isabelle S. Rodriguez Project Development Officer II-ML
    Jay-Anne M. Taguiam Social Welfare Assistant
    Jennifer O. Ifurung Project Development Officer II/ Project Development Officer I/Administrative Assistant III
    Joannamarie A. Siringa Social Welfare Assistant/ Project development Officer II
    Jhon Carlo U. Cabbuag Social Welfare Aide
    John Paul A. Talay Social Welfare Assistant
    Jonna M. Lozada Project Development Officer II
    Jordin James P. Tamayao Validator
    Judith T. Trilles Social Welfare Assistant
    Kaisiah Mel P. Tasipit Social Welfare Assistant
    King Niño S. Mappala Administrative Aide IV/Encoder
    Kurt Harvey C. Matias Encoder
    Kryzelle  A. De Ocampo Project Development Officer II-ML
    Lagrimas Gatan-Publico Social Welfare Officer II
    Leslyn V. Cardenas Social Welfare Assistant
    Ma. Asuncion A. Hamor Social Welfare Officer V
    Mae Theresa M. Visaya Social Welfare Aide
    Manilyn R. Ballesteros Administrative Assistant III-Municipal Roving Bookkeeper
    Manilyn C. Lopez Project Development Officer II-ML
    Marcelle Jaye A. Avestro Social Welfare Assistant
    Marciano D. Dameg Social Welfare Officer V
    Margie G. Irece Administrative Assistant III
    Maricel Grace L. Gomez Social Welfare Officer V
    Maricel B. Molina Social Welfare Assistant/ Administrative Assistant II
    Marilou B. Celestino Social Welfare Officer II
    Maryann B. Herbert Social Welfare Assistant
    Mary-Ann G. Antonio Management Audit Analyst II
    Maybelene N. Devad Social Welfare Officer II/ Project Development Officer II-ML
    Mayrivin S. Banawag Municipal Roving Bookkeeper
    Meriam P. Angwani Project Development Officer II
    Michelle M. Ferrer Social Welfare Assistant
    Mineth P. Estioco Social Welfare Assistant
    Mirasol L. Jarquio
    Nicole Nadine R. Veridiano Encoder
    Pasencia T. Ancheta Social Welfare Officer V
    Princess K. Torida Aministrative Assistant (DRMD)
    Richard T. Gaffud Validator
    Richel Anne C. Bacud Enumerator
    Rizabelle C. Bacud Enumerator
    Rogie M. Morales Validator
    Rosalinda D. Artiga Validator
    Rose G. Duruin Enumerator
    Roselyn T. Garan Social Welfare Assistant
    Roxanie G. Fugaban Enumerator
    Rusel D. Yadan Project Development Officer I/Social Welfare Assistant
    Veronica C. Iquin Social Welfare Assistant
    Virgelite T. Catalon Project Development Officer II-ML


1 Alexis C. Reyes SocPen Encoder
2 Almavina B. Adviento Project Development Officer II
3 Arlene Mae S. Baliling Social Welfare Assistant
4 Charles C. Bay-an Project Development Officer II/
Social Welfare Officer II
5 Christian L. Asistores Project Development Officer II
6 Diana Dee B. Maladrigo Social Welfare Assistant
7 Dorie Lou L. Dupaya Social Welfare Assistant
8 Edmar S. Uyami Project Development Officer II
9 Elaida Mae R. Cabatingan Social Welfare Assistant
10 Ervin P. Baligod Administrative Aide
11 Frenor Jane A. Bumagat Social Welfare Assistant
12 Gmelina Aira B. Tamayao Social Welfare Assistant/Project Development Officer II
13 Jay-Anne V. Ballesteros Social Welfare Assistant
14 Jerome M. Lucina Social Welfare Assistant
15 Jhoy R. Abig Project Development Officer II
16 John Paul T. Badajos Social Welfare Assistant
17 Juliet B. Tayaban Social Welfare Assistant
18 Kate Angelie T. Martinez Project Development Officer II
19 Kristiamar A. Pudiquet Project Development Officer II-ML
Leanah May M. Martin PDO II Municipal Link /SWA
20 Macario I. Como Jr. Social Welfare Assistant
21 Marilou N. Bango Project Development Officer II
22 Mary Joy T. Mamauag Project Development Officer II
23 Melfin L. Matalang Project Development Officer II
24 Mishel Cadiz Taguba SocPen Validator
25 Niña Marie C. Oarde Administrative Assitant
26 Nova C. Baguio SocPen Encoder
27 Patricia Roe G. Martinez Project Development Officer II
28 Piamarri-Arkay B. Bariuad Project Development Officer II
29 Reynalyn A. Pascual Social Welfare Assistant
30 Roselyn T. Garan Social Welfare Assistant
31 Roxanne Sage S. Carmona Social Welfare Assistant
32 Rowena P. Castillo Social Welfare Assistant
33 Russel V. Ganaden Social Welfare Officer II
34 Ruselle S. Rosario Social Welfare Assistant
35 Sheila Marie T. Antonio Project Development Officer I



1 A. Israel T. Babaran Did not indicate
2 Abegail G. Rafanan Social Welfare Officer II
3 Adeladia C. Zalun Administrative Assistant II
4 Amycel O. Valera Administrative Assistant
5 Angel A. Pillos Did not indicate
6 Angelica A. Taguinod Did not indicate
7 Annabelle D. Saura Social Welfare Assistant
8 Antonino P. Llanto Did not indicate
9 Arvin G. Pascua Social Welfare Assistant/ Community Facilitator Assistant
10 Brayan Paul B. Barrientos Did not indicate
11 Calvin Rey T. Gallego Social Welfare Officer I
12 Carol Jeanne S. Tamayao social Welfare Officer I
13 Cathlene Joy V. Acbang Project Development Officer II
14 Charity G. Lappay Social Welfare Officer I
15 Cheeni C. Mabbayad Social Welfare Officer I
16 Crisanta P. Cortez Administrative Assistant II
17 Christian Andrey T. Cadangan Did not indicate
18 Christian Jake B. Mabborang Did not indicate
19 Christian James D. Guzman Did not indicate
20 Christopher D. Maramag Did not indicate
21 Christopher D. Maramag Administrative Assistant
22 Clinton M. Babia Did not indicate
23 Cyrus C. Baren Project Development Officer I
24 Dana Jane T. Bugarin Did not indicate
25 Daniel J. Osoteo Social Welfare Assistant
26 Diana Rose A. Matammu Did not indicate
27 Dominick L. Corpuz Did not indicate
28 Eden T. Banutan Did not indicate
29 Edielyn S. Del Rosario Did not indicate
30 Elsa A. Pagalilauan Did not indicate
31 Emmanuel E. Annang Did not indicate
32 Encarnacion L. Ricerra Training Specialis I
33 Evelyn B. Martin Social Welfare Officer or Any Vacant Position
34 Florante C. Romio, Jr. Did not indicate
35 Gregorio C. Sabado, Jr. Did not indicate
36 Harvey T. Dumantay Did not indicate
37 Irene C. Tuliao Project Development Officer II
38 Jane A. Baldino Social Welfare Officer II
39 James G. Robancho Did not indicate
40 Janine Carla V. Lim Project Development Officer I
41 Jay Carlo B. Cadiz Project Development Officer II/ Social Welfare Officer II
42 Jayem S. Caranguian Administrative Assistant II/ Project Development Officer I
43 Jemaica B. Abril Did not indicate
44 Jhonric Banaga Did not indicate
45 Joana Joy R. Aspiros Administrative Assistant II
46 Jonah Micah D. Datul Administrative Assistant II
47 Jonna B. Attaban
48 Judith T. Tuliao Administrative Assistant II (DRMD)
49 Judy Ann M. Ngolwot Social Welfare Officer I
50 Judy Ann M. Trinidad Did not indicate
51 Julius Carl T. Beltran Social Welfare Assistant
52 Kevin R. Tuazon Did not indicate
53 Kevin King T. Talattad Did not indicate
54 Kheil Joshua C. Bosi Administrative Aide IV (SOCPEN)
55 Lorie-Ann P. Lumabi Did not indicate
56 Louie A. Darauay Did not indicate
57 Lucky M. Caranguian Did not indicate
58 Ma. Astrid C. Pason Social Welfare Officer I
59 Ma. Danielle A. Coloma Administrative Aide IV (SOCPEN)
60 Ma. Lourdes Pia Gayagoy Administrative Assistant II
61 Mae Theresa M. Visaya Any Vacant Position
62 Maecel Turingan
63 Mark Greggy R. Payadon Social Welfare Assistant
64 Maricar A. Bayubay Social Welfare Officer I
65 Maricar M. Dupaya Did not indicate
66 Maricris S. Soriano Did not indicate
67 Maricel Soriano Administrative Assistant II
68 Marites L. Buison Did not indicate
69 Marjorie C. Danao Did not indicate
70 Mary Jane M. Pagulayan Did not indicate
71 Mary Joy T. Mamauag Project Development Officer II
72 Mary Michelle M. Saquing Administrative Assistant II
73 Maybelene N. Devad Social Welfare Officer II
74 Melice Jane M. Udaundo Administrative Assistant II
75 Micah A. Enriquez Did not indicate
76 Mitchell Angela R. Maralli Did not indicate
77 Myra C. Cusipag
78 Nicole Nadine R. Veridiano Administrative Assistant II
80 Nicholai A. Tumabali Administrarive Assistant
81 Nikki Fei P. Amencruz Did not indicate
82 Oliver S. Cusipag Did not indicate
83 Princess K. Torida Did not indicate
84 Raymund P. Fantolgo Did not indicate
85 Ravy Kim T. Vicente Did not indicate
86 Rheizing Honey Joy M. Tulab Administrative Assistant II
87 Richelle V. Andrada Did not indicate
88 Rizzabeth G. Villanueva Social Welfare Assistant
89 Rizel Q. Lagundi Did not indicate
90 Rochelle T. Rosales Did not indicate
91 Rosemary T. Tallud Administrative Assistant
92 Roy T. Layao Project Development Officer II
93 Rubyrose Ann M. Narag Did not indicate
94 Russel Matt Cuntapay Did not indicate
95 Russel Matt Cuntapay Administrative Assistant II
96 Sharlene C. Simangan Did not indicate
97 Trixan Chloi A. Acebedo Administrative Assistant II
98 Vilmer B. Ramirez Social Welfare Assistant
99 Virnir C. Madriaga Did not indicate
100 Warlito A. Ocampo, Jr. Project Development Officer II
101 Willialine M. Pascual Did not indicate
102 Zachary Dale B. Apostol Administrative Assistant II




CSO Accreditation Notice


The public, whether an individual, group or organization is invited to submit to DSWD any derogatory report or information on the CSOs who are applying for accreditation to implement programs/projects using government public funds. Check the list of CSOs here...