As of Sept 28, 2020


FERNANDO R. DE VILLA, JR. CESO IV Director IV Regional Director Landlines at Field Office 02:

 (078) 304-0586(078)  304-1004

(078)  304-0656

(078)  396-0044

(078)  396-0051



(078) 846-7043





LUCIA S. ALAN Social Welfare Officer V OIC-Assistant Regional Director for Operations
CELSO L. ARAO, JR. Chief Administrative Officer OIC Assistant Regional Director for Administration
BRENDAN L. TANGAN Administrative Officer II Head – Social Marketing Unit
CONSTANCIA M. DOMINGO Social Welfare Officer II Focal Person – Social Technology
MARLENE B. TUAZON Social Welfare Officer II Head – Alternative Parental Care Services Section
ALICIA S. TAMAYAO Social Welfare Officer II Focal Person – Children Sector
MA. ASUNCION A. HAMOR Social Welfare Officer IV OIC-Division Chief, Policy and Plans Division and NHTS-PR Focal
DULCENEAH DELA CRUZ Planning Officer  IV Head – Planning Unit and Head-Convergence Secratariat
CHRISTOPHER M. SORIANO Project Development Officer IV Head-National Household Targeting Section
BERNARDO E. JUAN Regional Information Technology Officer II Head-Information and Communications Technology Section
ROMEL M. TEJADA Project Development Officer III Head-Standards Section
MELVIN T. PEREZ Social Welfare Officer IV Regional Coordinator-Convergence Strategy
JAY MARIE E. DURIAN Project Development Officer III Focal Person-LED Technical Assistance and Resource Augmentation
Vacant Manpower Dev’t. Officer I Focal Person – Youth Sector/Older Persons and PWD Sector
CLAUDINE I. AMID Social Welfare Officer II Focal Person – Recovery and Reintegration Program for Trafficked Persons (RRPTP)
ARIAN MAE T. NAMINGIT Social Welfare Officer II Focal Person – OFW/ International Social Services Office
JEE EVANGELISTA LIBAN Social Welfare Officer II Training Specialist II/Focal Person – Knowledge Management
FRANCO G. LOPEZ Social Welfare Officer IV OIC-Division Chief, Protective Services Division
CECILIA T. TURINGAN Social Welfare Officer II Head-Crisis Intervention Section
MYLENE E, ATTABAN Social Welfare Officer III Head – Community–Based Section/ Focal Person – Family and Women Sector
DELIA C. DE GUZMAN Nutrition-Dietician III Head-Supplementary Feeding Program Office
FERNANDO D. BAINTO Social Welfare Officer II Head-Social Pension Program Management Office
ROSARIO N. CORPUZ Social Welfare Officer II Center Head – Reception and Study Center for Children, Lingu, Solana, Cagayan
RAMONITA C. MALUBAG Social Welfare Officer II Head-Minors Traveling Abroad/Focal Person on Children/PWD/HIV
IMELDA T. DECENA Social Welfare Officer III Head-Center-Based Section
JULIET L. GACUTAN Social Welfare Officer III OIC-Center Head-Reception and Study Center for Children, Lingu Solana, Cagayan
SHIRLEY G. LABUGUEN Social Welfare Officer III Center Head-Cagayan Valley Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth, Roma Norte, Enrile, Cagayan
URSULA A. ORPILLA Social Welfare Officer III OIC – Center Head – Regional Haven for Women and Girls, Lingu, Solana, Cagayan
IRENE G. GACIAS Social Welfare Officer II Team Leader-SWAD Cagayan
VALENTINA C. MONTERUBIO Social Welfare Officer II Team Leader-SWAD Isabela
IRENE U. GAZMEN Social Welfare Officer II Team Leader-SWAD Quirino, Focal Person for Youth, OFW, and RRPTP
MARY GRACE P. PASCUA Social Welfare Officer II Team Leader-SWAD Nueva Vizcaya
AMPARO P. TOBIAS Social Welfare Officer II Team Leader-SWAD Batanes
PASENCIA T. ANCHETA Social Welfare Officer IV OIC-Division Chief, Promotive Services Division
NOEL T. DOMINGO Project Development Officer III Regional Project Coordinator-Sustainable Livelihood Program Management Office
LORD CRISTIN U. LAGUNDI Planning Officer  IV Provincial Coordinator-Cagayan -Sustainable Livelihood Program
MARICEL T. BALISI Project Development Officer II Provincial Coordinator-Isabela-Sustainable Livelihood Program
RAMON B. PIANO Project Development Officer II Provincial Coordinator-Quirino-Sustainable Livelihood Program
 JANE A. PUMARAS Project Development Officer II Provincial Coordinator-Nueva Vizcaya-Sustainable Livelihood Program
 VICENTA M. PAMITTAN Project Development Officer V Regional Program Coordinator-Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Management Office
RUTH CARLA A. BALAUAG Social Welfare Officer IV Provincial Link-Cagayan (POO 1) Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program
MARISA K. TONGDO Social Welfare Officer IV Provincial Link- Isabela (POO 2) Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program
LAURA L. DONATO III-ALCON Social Welfare Officer IV Provincial Link- Quirino (POO 3) Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program
MA. BELEN ONG  Social Welfare Officer III Provincial Link – N. Vizcaya (POO 4) – Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program
MARCIANO D. DAMEG Social Welfare Officer IV OIC-Division Chief, Disaster Response Management Division
ROMMEL S. GAMIAO Social Welfare Officer II Head-Disaster Response and Rehabilitation Section
CECIL L. ARAO Administrative Officer IV Head-Regional Resource Operations Section
MINAFLOR B. MANSIBANG Social Welfare Officer III Head – Disaster Response Information Management Section
VANESSA DIANA S. NOLASCO Information Officer II Disaster Response Management Division
 IBN BEN R. DEZA Accountant III OIC-Divsion Chief, Financial Management Division AND Concurrent Head – Accounting Section
MILDRED D. MANGONOR Administrative Officer V Head – Budget Section
 LAURITA A. CASTAÑEDA Administrative Officer V Head-Cash Section
 ROWENA S. ARUGAY Supervising Admin. Officer  OIC-Division Chief, Administrative Division/Concurrent Head-General Services Section 
TERESITA U. MARTIREZ Administrative Officer IV Head – General Services Section
KATHLEEN M. SEMANIA Administrative Officer II OIC – Property and Asset Section
 MA. SOCORRO L. DOMINGO Administrative Officer IV Head-Procurement Section
 GELA FLOR R. PEREZ Adminsitrative Officer V Head-Records Management Section
ROSALINDA T. BELTRAN Administrative Officer V OIC-Divsion Chief, Human Resource Management and Development Division
 LLANIESEL M. CUNTAPAY Adminsitrative Officer IV Head-Human Resource Planning and Performance Management Section
SOPHIA DARSIE R. PASION Administrative Officer II  Head-Personnel Administration Section
 JESUS JOY A. CABASAG Administrative Officer II Head-Learning and Development Section
RENZ MARION M. MALABANAN Administrative Officer II Head-Human Resource Welfare Section