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FEATURE: Look Into The Eyes

We have our own fears; we have our own weaknesses as well. Some would try to overcome this certain kind of weaknesses, these filibustering fears for our enhancement. Some would not face it at all because they have been afraid at the first place. What would be the reason why we have this certain kind of fears? Does it affect our daily living? Does it hinder our opportunities to become a better individual?

 “Actually, it definitely hinders me from being an active constituent of our community” – manang JOCELYN’s first statement.

 “I do not have the enough courage, the sufficient strength and the adequate confidence to be in every community’s activity and I am so afraid to be in front of huge number of people maybe because I do not have the proper education just like the other people have. I just have learned to write my name because of the help of my sons and daughters who were able to have a formal education unlike me and my husband that our parents do not have the capacity to send us in schools when we were young.

 Maybe, that is the reason why I am so afraid to be in front of a group of people and because I get so intimidated to them that they can express their thoughts, their knowledge” – manang JOCELYN added.

 My name is JOCELYN ALLAGA, I am not a Pantawid Beneficiary, I am the substitution of JING JING BAY-ONG, my daughter: I represented my daughter during their previous Family Development Session because she is sick and under her convalescence stage. My daughter just instructed me to be at the said activity and to listen very well – it means I just have to sit. –manang JOCELYN narrated.

Suddenly, the Municipal Link assigned me as the speaker or representative to present the output of the group through the assistance of the Parent Leader of Barangay Pinya. I was so terrified, I don’t know what to do, what to say even, I was so afraid that then, what if they will laugh at me because I do not have a good communication skill, interpersonal relationship as well?

 Most of the time, people are afraid to accept such responsibility; to be part of a certain activity because they do not have to courage to face their own fears, their own weaknesses because at the first place they have been defeated by their own insecurities, their own notions that nobody will accept them because of their situation and of their status in life.

 But, in this program: Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program – they understand the insufficiency of others, the

imperfections of their beneficiaries, they have the passionate heart to provide a helping hand to those people who are in need: do their best to empower every individual, to modify their level of well – being. – manang JOCELYN said.

 Manang JOCELYN have witnessed how this program is committed to serve the less fortunate, she felt how they empower these less fortunate family. “I’ve tried to do the task even I was so terrified, I presented my ideas even I am so intimidated because opportunity knocked me to show my ideas, to unveil my thoughts even my knees were shaking that time” – manang JOCELYN added.

 A million thanks to Department of Social Welfare and Development for providing a program that is not only to provide money to respond to the immediate needs of the family but to develop their knowledge, empower themselves and build a self confidence to stand on their own beliefs, values, ideas that the program have thought to their beneficiaries.

 Even if I am not a Pantawid beneficiary; I just attended the said activity carrying with me my grandson and travelled almost 4 kilometers to their venue – I can say that it is such a wonderful experience to be part of an activity of this scrupulous program, and serves an eye opener, that even if I am a person without a formal education I was able to learn and express my thoughts, my ideas, through their worthwhile activities. – Manang JOCELYN’s last statement.###By MAC PAUL V. ALARIAO, Municipal Link of Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya

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