Serbisyong May Malasakit, being the core of DSWD, is exemplified through serving the poor and marginalized sectors of our society without limit. Despite the challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic, the department extended livelihood assistance to Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA) of the region.

Dinapigue, is one of the furthest to reach ares in Isabela. Last March 9 to 12, 2021, seven (7) SLP Project Development Officers (PDOs) travelled to Dinapigue, Isabela to conduct field validation to one hundred fifty two (152) Livelihood Assistance Grants for Calendar Year 2021 listed beneficiaries. The purpose of the validation is to ensure that all beneficiaries are eligible for the assistance and proposed projects are feasible based on the guidelines set by the program.

As to the implementation of previous LAG, the PDOs conducted the Fund Utilization Monitoring to seventy-four (74) LAG CY 2020 grantees and facilitated pay-out to eleven (11) previously unpaid grantees.

Also, fifteen (15) SLP beneficiaries of Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) of CY 2016 to 2017 were monitored to ensure that they used the funds in procuring their documents and other requirements for their guaranteed employment.

The indispensable assistance and cooperation of the Local Government Unit of Dinapigue led by Honorable Mayor Reynaldo D. Derije played a vital role in delivering these services to the clients. Truly, effective and efficient government service can be achieved through proper collaboration and coordination.
###story by Karen M. Miguel