I. Eligibility

1. Interested participants can join in groups or individualy.
2. The contest is open to all, except DSWD employees.

II. Objective of the Competition:

As the agency plans to hold its Listahanan 3 (L3) Database regional launching, the National Household Targeting Section (NHTS) plans to hold a competition to create a jingle for the said activity.
Through the process of song/jingle writing, the NHTS plans to promote knowledge about the program, its scopes, uses, and advantages to the implementation of social protection programs and services in the country. The winning jingle will also be used as an advertisement for the Listahanan 3 database launch in the region.

III. Theme of the Competition:
“Listahanan: “Talaang Gamit Para sa mga Pamilyang Nangangailangan”

IV. Duration of the Contest
Start of Submission: 10 October 2022
Deadline for submission will be on or before: 30 November 2022, 5:00 PM

V. Procedures for the Submission of Entries:

1. Participants must fill out the registration form and submit their entries via the link that will be posted on DSWD Region II’s Official Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/DSWDDos) on 10 October 2022.
2. Participants are required to submit two audio files, one (1) for the instrumental and one (1) for the jingle itself. Files can either be MP3 or WAV.
3. Follow the proper file naming convention, as stated below:
a. File Name – (name of composer/s_title of jingle/song_audio type)
i. Example: Hannah Mallillin_ListahananKo_Instrumental
Hannah Mallillin_ListahananKo_jingle
b. Required Identification
i. If participating as an individual, upload a copy of one (1) valid ID.
ii. If participating as a group, upload a copy of one (1) valid ID of two (2) group representatives.

VI. Mechanics for the Jingle

1. Participants must submit only one (1) jingle entry.
2. The jingle/song must be at least two minutes long (2 mins) but not longer than three minutes and forty-five seconds (3 mins and 45 secs).
3. The jingle/song must not carry the name of the producer/producers. There should be no watermarks, signatures, copyright, or any other related forms present in the jingle/song.
4. Participants have the freedom to choose any musical instrument/s they may like. They can choose to perform in a band or as an individual.
5. Participants must create their own tune. Using of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.
6. The song/jingle must contain the exact words of the competition’s theme, “Listahanan: “Talaang Gamit Para sa mga Pamilyang Nangangailangan”.
7. The top five songs/jingles will be uploaded to DSWD Region II’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DSWDDos) days before the announcement of winners, in order for the public to like and share the entries. The public may like the jingle until 3 December 2022, 4:45 PM. Any additional likes to the entry, after the set date, will not be included/counted.
8. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities or comparisons with existing songs/jingles would be the participant/s’ accountability. They will be responsible to prove its authenticity.
9. The judges’ decisions are final and irrevocable.
10. Any violation of the aforementioned rules and regulations will be grounds for automatic disqualification, even without prior notice to the participant.

VII. Criteria for Judging

The jingle shall be judged according to the following criteria:
Content/Relevance with the theme : 40 points
Originality /Uniqueness : 25 points
Musicality : 25 points
Impact (measured through Facebook likes) : 10 points
Total : 100 points

VIII. Prize

The winner will receive Php. 10,000 cash prize and a certificate. They will also be acknowledged during the Listahanan 3 Database launching in the region.

IX. Announcement of Winner

1. Only one (1) jingle/song entry will be declared as the winner and it shall be used as the official jingle for the Listahanan 3 database launching in the region.
2. Announcement of the winning jingle will be via DSWD Region II’s Facebook page on 8 December2022.
3. The office will be coordinating with the winner on the procedure for claiming the prize.

For further queries/clarifications, please e-mail Ms. Hannah Gracielle Mallillin at hgcmallillin@dswd.gov.ph.