TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan – The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 02 (DSWD FO2) participated in the nationwide and simultaneous launch of the Angels in Red Vests (ARV) Campaign on 22 January 2024.
The said grand launch is part of its 73rd founding anniversary celebration. Moreover, the ARV is a new campaign, created by DSWD Secretary Rex Gatchalian, that aims to recognize the unwavering dedication of the agency’s workforce in giving “extra love” and “extra care” to those in need of assistance.
“The historical context of this term came about when former DSWD Secretary [Rolando] Bautista called our social workers and development workers in the field, ‘Angels in Red Vests.’ He called them ‘Angels in Red Vests’ because in the most trying times during his tenure as secretary, our peers, our workers across the nation, stood up to the challenge of COVID. Walang piniling oras, walang piniling araw, walang pinili na delikado sa buhay o hindi,” Sec. Gatchalian explained.
Furthermore, DSWD FO2 Regional Director Lucia Suyu-Alan emphasized the need to prioritize the agency’s clients and beneficiaries. She stated, “we have to go the extra mile to serve our clients and beneficiaries. Even if it’s the end of our working hours, if a client needs our service, as Angels in Red Vests, we must always cater to them.
As part of the launch’s highlight, DSWD FO2 Dance Troupe participated in the ARV Flash Mob, dancing to the agency’s original song, “Angels’ Fight Song”. Also, winners of the ARV Photo Competition were awarded with tokens and certificates of recognition.
The ARV campaign will as a platform to promote the practice of social work and community development work, through the lens of DSWD employees. The campaign was simultaneously launched in the DSWD Central Office and across all DSWD Field Offices in the country’s 17 regions.