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Hope Springs from Trust

There are only three things that you can never take back: a stone when it has been thrown, words when they have been said and time when it has passed. Being careful is crucial in order to not commit the mistake of saying or doing something without properly weighing your options.

Sometimes our perception of someone or something can get muddled because of what we hear or what we see. Sometimes we no longer resort to giving the benefit of the doubt because of premature judgment.

The Challenge

It is common for people to be adversarial towards the government and its departments because of unmet demands and, justified or not, their general lack of trust and dissatisfaction of the government’s overall performance. This has been happening for quite some time now and history suggests that it is something difficult to eradicate. It should be the crusade of the government to win the trust of the people again.

DSWD is not without its liabilities. It had and not because of incompetency but more because of things that are out of its control. As they say, no matter what you do, you cannot control what people say or think about you. You can only control your actions and make sure that you do it well.

The Solution

The Listahanan or the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) is an information management system that identifies who and where the poor are in the country. The system makes available to national government agencies and other social protection stakeholders a database of poor families as reference in identifying potential beneficiaries of social protection programs.

It starts with the people and ends with the people. The department’s mandate is to aid the people in need. As its name suggests, it is for the peoples’ social welfare and development. It ends with the people too because after the department does its work, it is the people who will have to give a sign of approval or an indication of discontent. The first and foremost loyalty of the department is to the people.

You have to play with the cards that you’re dealt with. The department cannot choose the people that they’ll help or govern which makes the implementation of programs harder than it should be. But through all the countless struggles that it had to endure, the Department is standing firm, stronger than ever because it has experienced everything it could handle. What doesn’t destroy you makes you tougher as they say.

Changing Perception

You try to talk to common people and ask them about one word that they can associate with DSWD and they’ll come up with words like help, aid, assistance, support and the like. You can see people slowly embracing and acknowledging what DSWD Region 2 has accomplished for the mass and the promise of continuous assistance that the department offers for the future. They are again giving their trust with full optimism that this time is different from years before.

Mr. Dexter Addatu, an enumerator for Listahanan in Tuguegarao City said that he associates DSWD Field Office 2 with help or assistance to the poor people of the region. “Gobyernong (department) tumutulong sa mga mahihirap at nangangailangan,” Mr. Addatu said.

He also thought that DSWD Field Office 02 is definitely doing its part in identifying the poor people that needs assistance through Listahanan. He said that if ever he gets the opportunity to be a part of DSWD for more than just the duration of the assessment, he will definitely take it.

Ms. Jovelyn R. Perucho, an encoder for Listahanan said she believes that the agency is doing its function of helping the people, especially the poor. She also said that she will relish the opportunity, if given, to be a part of DSWD Field Office 2 so she can get some needed experience and to be able to share her insights as well. “Yes, to learn more and share my knowledge,” Ms. Perucho said when asked why she would be open to working in the department full-time.

Change is the Only Thing that’s Constant            

Times are changing and with it the ravages that it bring. On a personal level, time affects people through aging: you slowly start feeling your age, white hair start to appear on your head, you forget things more often than before and you gasp for air after activities that were easy to do just a couple of years ago. You begin to feel weak to the point where eating meals is a struggle. On a macro level, time affects communities, rural and urban through industrialization or urban and rural decay. We have polluted our world in the last hundred years even more than the total pollutants that were created in the first few billion years that our world has existed. On a positive note, time has brought about advancement in technology such as eco-friendly cars, solar power, and medical breakthroughs including cures for diseases that previously didn’t have treatment.

DSWD Region 2 has gone through changes with time albeit a positive one. Through the hard work of its employees it now reaches more people in the region than in previous years. Programs that target the needy is up and running. More people are getting assistance and as a result, you see people smiling and cheering again. People are not alone anymore. They believe that DSWD Region 2 through Listahanan will do its best to include them in the list of poor households and soon enough get the assistance that they deserve.

People have waited long to be recognized and be included in the list of the needy and it is about time for them to be a part of it. Listahanan was created for this very purpose and it is with this very purpose that the DSWD staff working behind it gets the inspiration to wake up before the sun rises and work way after the sun comes down to be able to include everyone that need assistance. ### By CHESTER CARLO M. TRINIDAD, Listahanan Information Officer

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FO2 stages series of CSO-Led Fora, highlights success stories of Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries

With the aim to showcase and strengthen its partnership with the Civil Society Organizations, the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 02 conducted strings of CSO-Led Fora this March.

The first activity kicked-off in the Province of Cagayan which was held at the K Servico Function Room in Tuguegarao City on March 6, 2015. The Rotary Club of Tuguegarao Rainbow spearheaded the event which was attended by the Parent Leaders beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, scholars of the Students’ Grants in-aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (SGP-PA) and partners from the CSOs and media.

Meanwhile, the second round of the fora was conducted in the City Hall of Cauyan in the Province of Isabela which was led by the Cauayan City Green Ladies Organization or the CCGLO on March 13, 2015.

Both event highlighted on the sharing of testimonies of the beneficiaries regarding the impacts of DSWD’s programs in their lives and in their families especially the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and the Sustainable Livelihood Program. Some student grantees under the SGP-PA also talked about how the scholarship has helped in the realization of their dreams.


One of the Parent Leaders who shared her story of transformation was Jonalyn Tamayo, a Pantawid beneficiary from Ballesteros, Cagayan.

“Dahil sa Pantawid Pamilya, may pambaon na sa paaralan ang aking mga anak at naaagapan na rin namin kung sila ay nagkakasakit,” Jonalyn said.

She also mentioned that through the Family Development Sessions, she became more active and a responsible member of their community.

Also, Rochelle Ignacio, an SGP-PA scholar from Amulung, Cagayan said that she is now close in reaching her dreams as she pursue her studies at Isabela State University-Cabagan Campus taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

The SGP-PA is a tie-up college scholarship program of DSWD and the Commission on Higher Education for the beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamila wherein a student grantee is entitled to a maximum of P30, 000 pesos per semester.


DSWD Regional Director Remia T. Tapispisan also stressed on the importance of collaborating with the different sectors like the CSOs in the implementation of social protection programs and services. Partner CSOs take part in the department’s four areas of engagement namely Gabay, Tulay, Bantay and Kaagapay.

Tapispisan also emphasized the DSWD’s continuous commitment in uplifting the lives of the poor and the vulnerable.

“Kami sa DSWD ay ipagpapatuloy ang magiliw, mahusay at matapat na paglilingkod. Kami ay nalulugod na marinig ang inyong mga kuwento ng pagbabago at sana patuloy ang magandang pagbabago na ‘yan upang tuluyan ang inyong pagtawid tungo sa kaunlaran,” Tapispisan said.

The Pantawid Pamilya is a human-development program of the national government that invests in the health and education of poor Filipino children aged 0-18 years old. Cash grants are provided to families in exchange of compliance to health and education conditionalities. Parents must also attend the Family Development Sessions. ### By MARICEL B.ASEJO, Information Officer II- Pantawid Pamilya

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Provincial Convergence Caravan kicks off in Cagayan

The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office II already started with its string of Provincial Convergence Caravan in Cagayan on May 16, 2014 at Mall of the Valley, Tuguegarao City.

Around 500 participants composed of beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and partners from the Local Government Units, National Government Agencies, Civil Society Organizations, Academe and Media in the province attended the event which aimed at displaying the collaborative efforts of DSWD with the different stakeholders in the implementation of its programs and services.

The activity also became a venue for the beneficiaries to share their testimonials regarding the impacts of Pantawid Pamilya in their lives.

According to Eliza V. Respicio, a beneficiary and a Parent Leader from Enrile, Cagayan, the program has helped her to be a better person, a more responsible parent and wife.

“Dahil sa Pantawid, mas naintindihan ko ang aking mga responsibilidad at niyakap ko yun ng lubusan. Nadagdagan din ang aking kumpiyansa sa sarili lalo na sa pakikipag-kapwa tao. Nagkaroon na rin ako ng pakialam sa mga nangyayari sa aking paligid,” she said.

She also added that because of the program, she and her husband strive hard to give their children a good life. “Nagpapasalamat ako sa DSWD sa pagtulong nila sa’ming mahihirap na pamilya. Mas tumindi and aming paniniwala na totong ‘Kayang-kaya ng Pinoy tumawid tungo sa kaunlaran,” she ended.

Partners from the different sectors also gave their messages about their support in the implementation DSWD’s programs, especially the Pantawid Pamilya.

Another highlight of the activity was the showcase of talents among the beneficiaries.

Furthermore, booths were also installed around the venue for the NGAs to promote their programs and services.

The Convergence Caravan is being conducted by DSWD annually to showcase its partnership with the different sectors for the better and more effective implementation of programs and services. But this year, the Caravan is held per province with Cagayan as its first leg. Caravan in the provinces of Isabela, Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya will be conducted next month. ### By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Information Officer II- Pantawid Pamilya

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Beneficiaries of DSWD’s programs join Parents’ Congress

“Kaya kong maging huwarang magulang at miyembro ng aking pamayanan!”

This was the statement of the participants during the Parents’ Congress last April 30 and May 2, 2014 at Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

Beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, Sustainable Livelihood Program and Core Shelter Assistance Project from the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela attended the event.

The activity focused on the discussions about Responsible Parenthood, Corporal Punishment versus Positive Discipline and the Differences between Men and Women all aimed at capacitating the parents to be more responsible in raising their children and with their spouses.

In her message, DSWD Regional Director Remia T. Tapispisan emphasized that the condition of a locality reflects the kind of families who live in it so the values and morals should begin at home.

“Lahat ng gusto nating makamit para sa ating pamayanan, ang unang hakbang ay magsisimula sa ating tahanan. Kaya kung tayo ay responsable sa loob ng ating mga bahay, tiyak na kaya rin nating maging responsableng mamamayan,” Director Tapispisan said.

There were also mini-workshops during the event which improved the social skills of the participants.

The activity ended with the sharing of learning insights from the parent beneficiaries wherein they also expressed their gratitude to DSWD for having programs and services that caters to poor families.

Mary Jane Guttierez, a beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilya from Piat, Cagayan said that the activity gave her a deeper sense of commitment in parenting her children. She also learned how to value and take care of her marriage.

Pantawid Pamilya, SLP and CSAP are programs of DSWD that aim to uplift the well-being of poor Filipino families in the country by providing cash grants in exchange of compliance to health and education conditionalities (Pantawid), providing skills development, technical assistance and seed capital to enable the poor to access opportunities (SLP) and by providing shelter to disaster-affected families whose houses were destroyed during typhoons and calamities (CSAP). ###By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Pantawid Information Officer II

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DSWD installs new director for Field Office 02

The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 02 formally welcomed its new regional director in the person of Director Remia T. Tapispisan during the Installation and Turn-Over Ceremonies last February 6, 2014 at Valley Hotel, Tuguegarao City.

Witnessed by Assistant Secretary Javier R. Jimenez, representatives of different National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), media and DSWD FO2 staff, Director Tapispisan accepted the key of responsibility which was turned over by outgoing Regional Director Violeta A. Cruz.

In her message, Director Tapispisan promised to continue leading the region in the delivery of quality social services. “I will continue what Director Cruz has started, and since this is the last leg of my stint as a Regional Director, I will give my very best in spearheading the Field Office to attain the agency’s vision, mission and goals,” Director Tapispisan said.

She also emphasized the importance of convergence with the different NGAs, LGUs, CSOs, and media to fully achieve the mandate of the department, which is to serve and protect the welfare of the disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors.

Director Tapispisan was the former Regional Director of Region VIII and also used to be the Center Head of the National Haven for Women.

Meanwhile, Director Cruz was already transferred to Central Office as the Director of Social Technology Bureau. ###By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Pantawid Information Officer II

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DSWD celebrates 63rd Founding Anniversary, honors loyalty awardees

In line with the 63rd Founding Anniversary celebration of the Department of Social Welfare and Development with the theme “DSWD @ 63: Kaagapay sa Pagbangon at Bagong Simula,” the Field Office 02 had prepared a one-day festivity which included the showcasing of talents and awarding of recognitions among DSWD employees last January 24, 2013.

The celebration commenced with a Thanksgiving Mass and was followed by Parlor Games which were participated by the staff. The highlight of the one-day celebration was the recognition of the committed employees who have rendered 10 to 40 years of dedicated service in the department.

This years’ Loyalty Awardees are: Mr. Andres Binarao, Ms. Mylene Attaban, Mr. Celso Arao with ten years of service; Ms. Socorro Domingo with fifteen years of service; Ms. Brigida Apongol, Ms. Crisencia Ulnagan, Ms. Rosemari Bartolome and Ms. Marisa Hamor with twenty five years of service; Ms. Rizalina Mandahay with thirty years of service; and Ms. Ponciana P. Condoy with forty years of service.

In her message, Ponciana P. Condoy, Assistant Regional Director said that her forty years in service have contributed a lot to her personal growth and professional development.

“Dito sa DSWD ako nagkaedad — responsibilidad, abilidad at integridad, kaya masaya akong naging bahagi ng departmentong ito sa loob ng apat na dekada,” ARD Condoy said. “It gives me a very rewarding sense of fulfillment to be able to serve my fellow, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged ones,” she continued.

Meanwhile, the Field Office has also awarded plaque of recognition to Ms. Imelda Decena for being shortlisted in the evaluation made by Central Office for the “Best Social Worker” category of this year’s Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence or PRAISE Awards. Decena, together with two other nominees from other regions, competed in the category in the national competition.

The PRAISE Awards is usually given during DSWD anniversary celebration to managers, technical workers and administrative support staff who have rendered outstanding performance in their respective jobs.


In her message, DSWD FO2 Regional Director Violeta A. Cruz emphasized that DSWD employees should maintain their dedication and commitment in serving the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged sectors of the society with integrity in line with the department’s vision, mission and goals.

Director Cruz also lauded the efforts of the staff in their display of bravery and heroism during difficult times, especially in Yolanda-ravaged areas.

She also encouraged everyone to be more enthusiastic as the agency gears towards better, faster, smarter and bolder delivery of social services.

“Let our burning desires to serve and protect the welfare of the less fortunate continue to ignite in our hearts,” Director Cruz finished. ###By MARICEL B. ASEJO, Pantawid Information Officer II


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In photo: Aling Mely Andres ventures on vegetable vending as she is one of the recipients of SEA-K program in Cordon, Isabela.


“Action indeed is the key foundation to all success. “

This is how Mely P. Andres shares her ideal in life that in able to attain success in life, one must act and find solutions to every problem.

Aling Mely P. Andres or “Manang Mely” as she preferred to be called by her peers is a widow with 7 children. She grew up in Aurora, Isabela but decided to settle down in Cordon, Isabela where she presently lives with her children. Her husband, Rodolfo M. Andres who was a soldier died not in bullet but from asthma attack.

With tears in her eyes, Manang Mely narrated that life was so difficult for her after the death of her husband. Vegetable vending was the only source of income in able for her to sustain the needs of her family.

Until one day, the Self Employment Assistance-Kaunlaran of the Department of Social Welfare and Development came in their barangay and considered those individuals with entrepreneurial skills. Fortunately, she was counted as one of the recipients of P10,000.00 capital assistance from DSWD which she treated as an augmentation to her existing venture. With burning desire to give her children a better future, she expanded her project. She rented a stall in the public market and increased the volume of vegetables she displayed. Eventually, she became a member of the Association of Market Vendor in her municipality.

As a mother of 7 children, Manang Mely wakes up at 4:00 am to cook food for the family and goes to market at 6:00 am to buy commodities for display in her stall that was just good for the day’s selling. At lunchtime, she would close her stall and headed for home to cook their food then back to market after. Any vegetable left will then be sold at a bargain price without sacrificing her capital. Her endeavor became a routine from Monday to Saturday. Her older children helped in the household chores. On Sunday, she would devote the day with the Lord, had some rest and laundry at times. For Manang Mely, faith to God is her weapon to survive and she believes that the SEA-K program has become the instrument in their survival.

Joining the program for how many years, Manang Mely focused on the schooling of her children. She firmly believed that earning a diploma will lead them to a life better than hers. Her income and savings were all invested for the schooling of her children. None was bought for her material comfort. Rain or shine, she never stopped selling unless she is not feeling well.

“Dahil sa pagbebenta ko ng mga gulay, napalaki, napag-aral, at napagtapos ko ang aking anak.” Manang Mely shared.

Manang Mely never thought of re-marrying for the reason of fulfillment seeing her children grow and happiness serving them all.

Because of SEA-K program, she gained confidence having a bigger capital to roll with the end goal of providing for the education of her children—this was her dream, to give to her children what she had not reached due to poverty.

Her strategy managing her family was worth emulating. She gathered her children for a meeting. Manang Mely presented to her kids their living condition and solicited understanding from her older ones to study well and help the younger ones to finish their studies.

At last, while standing in her stall, she would reflect how she survived the battle. She already had a soldier who never ceases helping his younger siblings. She already has 2 children as Overseas Filipino Workers who never forget to support the remaining students in the family. She could not believe herself how she made her kids into schooling all by herself.

“Kung mahirap ka, magtiyaga ka, lakasan mo loob mo,” stressed Manang Mely as we parted ways. For Manang Mely, her endeavor in vending venture has brought success in the lives of her children especially in education. Indeed, Manang Mely made a right decision when she had not given up in the middle of her battles, but rather invests in her children’s education.  A widow’s desire considered as an achievement that poverty even was unable to hamper. ### By Maricel T. Balisi, Project Development Officer II

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DSWD FO2 supports Typhoon Vinta’s victims

In photo: Regional Director Violeta A. Cruz and Division Chief Lucia S. Alan assess the damages brought by Typhoon Vinta in one of the Core shelter sites in Gonzaga, Cagayan. Photo by Rommel Gamiao, SWO II

Tuguegarao City (November 1, 2013) —Just after the onslaught of Typhoon Vinta which occurred yesterday affecting Northern Luzon particularly the province of Cagayan, Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 02 Regional Director Violeta A. Cruz together with Office of the Civil Defence Regional Director Norma Talosig and Department of Interior and Local Government Regional Director Marlo Iringan joined forces during the initial ocular survey to assess and validate damages brought about by said typhoon.

As of 5:00 pm today, DSWD disaster monitoring report has registered 23, 504 affected families or 101,986 affected persons with 1, 409 reported totally damaged houses and 9,444 reported partially damaged houses with zero reported casualties.

Most of these reported victims are from the municipalities of Gonzaga, Sta. Teresita, Appari, Camalaniugan, (under District 1) Ballesteros, Lasam, Sanchez Mira, Sta. Praxedes, Iguig (under District 2) of Cagayan Province.

The family victims under District 1 affected municipalities have received a total of 1,000 family food packs assistance amounting to P250, 000.00 while family victims under District 2 affected municipalities have also received a total of 1,000 family food packs also amounting to P250, 000.00 from DSWD.

Regional Director Violeta A. Cruz said that the Field Office has sufficient stockpile of 2,000 family food packs and a total of 4, 000 prepositioned family food packs to 65 evacuation centers region wide. These family food packs are ready for augmentation support at any given time to affected families or Local Government Units per their request while a total of P198,961.60 is available at the Field Office as standby funds.

Moreover, the Social Welfare and Development (SWAD) Offices of Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino are still in a 24-hour duty to ensure the retrieval and validation of reports from their respective Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils (PDRRMCs).

Also, the Disaster Reduction and Management Team or DMRT stationed at DSWD Field Office II is still active in monitoring updates on reports and the status of weather condition in the provinces thru the SWAD Teams.

The SWADs are reminded to ensure that the relief assistance extended to the affected families shall be supported by the Disaster Family Access Card (DAFAC) and completed Relief Distributed Sheet.

Trained social workers on Critical Incidence Stress Debriefing (CISD) were also advised to be ready for deployment in the event that their services will be needed.

As of now, the Field Office is tapping volunteers from the Media, Academe and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the region ready to assist in the repacking of foods and other non-food items for stockpile and additional augmentation support if the needs arise. ###By Angely Lubo-Mercado, Regional Information Officer

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CSO Accreditation Notice


The public, whether an individual, group or organization is invited to submit to DSWD any derogatory report or information on the CSOs who are applying for accreditation to implement programs/projects using government public funds. Check the list of CSOs here...